Metashape Architects

Wosley Mews

The proposal seeks to enhance the existing back-land site located in London Borough of Waltham Forest, through a low rise architectural response and hard and soft landscape improvements. This involves demolishing 17 garages and a storage unit and the construction of 4 two-storey semi-detached properties. The site is bound by the rear gardens of neighbouring properties and the surrounding buildings are predominately Victorian and include mainly terraced housing. The area is interspersed with pockets of modern development including a number of infill sites and private homes that have been extensively adapted with large rear extensions. The proposed scheme is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional mews street, creating a sense of place and character to the scheme. The choice of building material is influenced by the local context. A white brick is chosen in order to complement the materiality of the adjacent property, a quality of the proposed brickwork will be enhanced through the use of white cement, lime and washed river sand for the mortar. A subtle surface treatment using a method known in Scandinavia as ‘Sækkeskuring’. This surface finish is appreciated as a way of creating a more monolithic architecture, without losing the identity of each and every brick.