Metashape Architects

Bird in Hand

The proposals comprise of the conversion and refurbishment of the existing Bird In Hand public house in for a single dwelling with outdoor amenity space and the erection of a 5-storey apartment block that comprises of 9 dual aspect apartments with associated landscaping and all necessary ancillary spaces.

The key design principles used in the design of the new development draw influence from the discreet and simple geometric forms of the estate buildings. The design technique aims to transition the language of the historic contextual architecture and apply a contemporary design approach to derive of a new architecture that belongs within its setting. The development plot can be seen as an infill site with the opportunity to a create a strong contextual relationship with the surrounding buildings yet respectful of the contrasting site histories (Victorian street pattern verses Modernist estate blocks). The architectural detailing within the proposed facade is contextually relevant yet subtle, and carefully considered to complement the modern blocks of the Kilburn Vale Estate whilst not overly dominating or competing with the retained Victorian former Public House.

Red brickwork is predominantly used on the external walls, to compliment the surrounding materials of the Estate. Creative use of white brick complements existing white rendered elements within the Estate and provides horizontal emphasis and brings lighter, cleaner exterior balcony spaces. Creative yet subtle brick detailing is used to bring architectural interest, and reflect the internal spaces externally, such as reverse brick coursing used to define the staircore. The chamfered window reveals and the recessed brickwork add depth and texture to the proposal, framing out the glazed elements providing asymmetry to the facade.

The proposed building is defined by a base, middle and top. The building cornice includes decorative recessed headers and speckled white headers where considered appropriate. Fenestration makes use of bronze window and door frames – a complementary colour when viewed against the Bird In Hand gold signage. The external spaces are open as can be without compromising security and landscaped to connect with the existing open spaces.